Proposed Updates to the P & C Standing Rules

Hello, everyone!

The P & C Steering Committee is proposing updates to the Standing Rules to officially create a Past Chair position and add a fourth Steering Committee member. 

The majority of other sections also have Past Chair positions and P & C has informally done this as well for many years.  The Past Chair can serve a valuable role by providing continuity and institutional memory, and traditionally within the P & C leadership works closely with interns and spearheads special projects on behalf of the Steering Committee.  By writing the Past Chair position into the Standing Rules, it provides greater transparency that the Chair position is a 3-year commitment (year one as Vice Chair/Chair-Elect, year two as Chair, year three as Past Chair), and gives official credit to the Past Chair for their additional year of service.

By adding increasing the Steering Committee by an additional member to four individuals, this allows the Steering committee to rotate evenly, with two positions open for election each year.

Our desire for adding these positions is to increase the capacity for the leadership team to engage in more ambitious and involved initiatives to greater serve the section and profession while remaining within the average leadership roster size of other SAA sections. 

These revisions to the section's Standing Rules will be on the ballot as a referendum in June.  A document with the tracked changes is attached for review. Please read the changes and be prepared to vote this summer! Thank you for your engagement and participation!

The Privacy & Confidentiality Steering Committee

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