Steering Committee Leadership

Privacy and Confidentiality Steering Committee Leadership


Chair: DiAnna Hemsath
Vice-Chair/Chair Elect: Veronica Denison
Immediate Past-Chair: Katrina Windon
Steering Committee Members: Sarah Coates, Shelly Black, Ashlyn Velte, and Elizabeth Russell


Chair: Katrina Windon
Vice-Chair/Chair Elect: DiAnna Hemsath
Immediate Past-Chair: Rachel Gattermeyer
Steering Committee Members: Veronica Denison, Shelly Black, Ashlyn Velte, and Elizabeth Russell


Chair: Rachel Gattermeyer
Vice-Chair/Chair Elect: Katrina Windon
Immediate Past-Chair: Lydia Tang
Steering Committee Members: Veronica Denison, DiAnna Hemsath, and Elizabeth Russell
Early Career Member: Shelly Black (1-year term)


Chair: Lydia Tang
Vice-Chair/Chair Elect: Rachel Gattermeyer
Immediate Past-Chair: Daniel McCormack
Steering Committee Members: DiAnna Hemsath, Daniel McCormack (1-year term), and Katrina Windon


Chair: Daniel McCormack
Vice-Chair/Chair Elect: Lydia Tang
Immediate Past-Chair: Heather Oswald
Steering Committee Members: Rachel Gattermeyer, Katrina Windon and Nicholas Wojcik
Student Intern: Nicolette Hall