P&C Award Announcement

Privacy and Confidentiality Award

The Privacy and Confidentiality (P&C) Section Committee is pleased to announce the establishment of an annual Privacy and Confidentiality Award. The award is intended to encourage engagement in privacy and confidentiality issues related to archives and will recognize individuals, groups, and organizations that advance the professional understanding of and practical approaches to such issues. The following are types of works and activities that may be considered:

  1. Scholarly written works (published or unpublished)
  2. Presentations or workshops
  3. Projects (internal and across organizations)
  4. Software development
  5. Policy and procedure development


The works and activities should be completed within the past two years. Submissions will be evaluated based on innovation, impact, and unique contribution to the area of Privacy & Confidentiality within the archives profession.



This award is open to all individuals, groups, or organizations.



$100 award (recipient(s) must have a valid US taxpayer identification number) and will be recognized at the P&C Section's annual meeting and featured on the P&C blog.


Submission Deadline and Nomination Form

To nominate, or self-nominate, please fill out the following survey form: Privacy & Confidentiality Award Survey. You will be asked to upload any supporting documents, as well as a 1-page statement describing the innovation, impact, and unique contribution of your work or activity to the area of Privacy & Confidentiality within the archives profession.


The deadline for submission is Friday February 28, 2020. If you have any questions, please contact P&C Section Vice Chair Rachel Gattermeyer at rgatterm@uwyo.edu.