2005-2006 Annual Report

Privacy & Confidentiality Roundtable Annual Report August 3, 2006, Washington DC

In response to a request by SAA President Richard Pearce-Moses, a statement entitled, “Addressing Technology as a Strategic Issue” was submitted on behalf of the Privacy & Confidentiality Roundtable in September. We received positive feedback. In March, we were asked to respond to the second draft of the statement, and we did so again. Two program proposals were developed for the 2006 Annual Meeting by the Steering Committee: “Citizens in the dark? Government Information In the Digital Age” and “Googling Grandma, or How Did My Family Secrets Get Posted on the Web?” Although neither of these proposals was accepted for the program, the second session, “Googling Grandma,” (with slight variations in presenters), became the featured program for the Privacy & Confidentiality Roundtable meeting in Washington DC.

Special thanks to the members of the Roundtable’s Steering Committee:

Outgoing members:

  • Connell Gallagher
  • Arlene Schmuland
  • Diane Windham Shaw
  • Julie Herrada

Continuing leadership includes:

  • Debbie Richards
  • Jackie Dean (Chair)
  • Michelle Sweetster
  • Jill Katte (Web liason)
  • Past-Chair: Julie Herrada
  • SAA Council Liaison: Aimee Felker

At the Annual Meeting in Washington DC the Roundtable elected:

  • Vice-Chair/Chair Elect: Susan McElrath
  • Steering Committee: Peter Blodgett and Connell Gallagher

Respectfully submitted,

Julie Herrada
Steering Committee Chair, 2005-2006