March 2023 Steering Committee Meeting


Present: Ashley Minnich - Co-Chair, Rachel McNellis - Newsletter Co-Editor, John Esh - Web


Action Items

Ashley - post in discussion board for steering committee/send emails regarding annual programming

John - reach out to the main SAA Instagram for possibly cross-posting via Instagram Stories

March Meeting Minutes

Co-Chair Updates

Thank you John for updating the homepage of the section to reflect more current language. Ashley drafted this, committee members should please take a look and ensure it meets section needs.

Website Updates

Homepage and ancillary menus are updated.

Any events can be added to the front page of the microsite, but visibility is going to be low.

Social Media

Events can also be added to Instagram.

I’ll (John) reach out to the main SAA Instagram for possibly cross-posting via Instagram Stories

Newsletter/Blog Updates - Rachel

Team is working on schedule for sending out periodic calls for submissions for the blog to the section.

Editorial team will set up a time to meet to develop a plan for the blog going forward.

Section Calendar and Event

MARCH - postponed till next year

Section Event: Coffee and Chat on March 23?

Group determined that it would be better to hold this event after elections for steering committee members have been held in May

Ashley states that a majority of steering committee members would need to be present at this event for it to make sense for us to hold.


Elections: Election form goes on website and will be sent out to the section

Katalin is taking the lead on this.


Mini-Conference - postponed till next year

Ashley and Elizabeth met in March to brainstorm some ideas for section programming, and developed some ideas about a mini-conference.

Survey responses indicated a significant interest in a mini-conference (93%)

The developed concept would be for a half-day conference a few weeks before the SAA conference (conference would take place in June), with 3 sessions that are each 1h 30min long.

Two sessions would be on a specific topic related to the section, and one session would consist of lightning talks on various topics.

Upon presentation to the Steering Committee, the sentiment was that more time would be needed to plan an event of this magnitude and that we should make this the plan for next year’s annual programming.

Annual Programming - 2023

Steering committee members state that for this year, we need to focus on an hour and a half event for the annual programming. Steering committee members brainstorm and discuss the topic of DEIA for this year’s annual programming.

Survey respondents were significantly interested in DEIA.

Steering committee discussed holding this event as a panel of 3-4 people providing information on this topic and who we could reach out to for speakers.

DEIA working group

General section membership

Elizabeth and Juliette

Ashley will send an email to steering committee members to gain further information about whether this event topic will be suitable for annual programming and whether we need a separate planning meeting for the event.

Other Business

No other business discussed

Next Meeting - April

Thursday, April 13 at 1:30pm ET

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