Oral History Section

The Oral History Section of the Society of American Archivists is composed of members of the Society and others who are interested in or are actively engaged in conducting oral history interviews and/or teach oral history methodology. The Oral History Section provides a forum for news, for discussion of issues and developments, and for establishing and maintaining communication and cooperation with other professional organizations.

Recent News & Announcements

In preparation of APUS’ 25th anniversary, APUS Scholar in Residence and SAA Fellow, Fred Stielow, assisted by archivists Michael Montalbano and Bradley Wiles, have been conducting interviews of key members of the institution in an effort to capture the vision, the approach, the challenges, and successes of the individuals who have shaped the university.
The UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center Press has launched its Oral Histories Series, available free of charge in PDF format on the CSRC web site.
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