"Implementing the Protocols for Native American Archival Materials: Webinar Series and Resource Toolkit"

Funded by the Society of American Archivists Foundation, 2019-2020.

Following the formal endorsement of the Protocols for Native American Archival Materials (PNAAM) by the SAA in 2018, the Native American Archives Section received SAA Foundation funding to create a series of "workshops" communicating aspects of the PNAAM. This project, "Implementing the PNAAM: Webinar Series and Resource Toolkit," will outline the purpose of the PNAAM, the general application of the PNAAM in archival settings, and tangible ways to move forward (institutionally and/or individually) with implementation. 5 "Workshops," including online discussions, webinars, resource toolkits, and more, will be launched monthly, and will provide archivists with opportunities to explore topics such as: Outreach & Cultural Competency, How-to-Navigate Tribal Governance Structure, Typical Concerns & How to Respond, and more.


All workshop webinars and additional resources are supported by, and hosted on, the Sustainable Heritage Network through our ongoing collaboration.

*Please note, more details and resources will be added to this page as this project develops. Check back for updates. 


"Implementing the PNAAM: Workshop Webinar #1 - Building Relationships of Mutual Respect."


This first session of the Protocols Webinar Series highlights the theme of building relationships of mutual respect. This is explored through a conversation with host Jennifer R. O'Neal (University of Oregon) and Jonathan Pringle (University of New Mexico). Pringle expands upon his recently submitted PNAAM case study highlighting his previous work at Northern Arizona University. The webinars will also produce a usable toolkit to for use in implementing the Protocols in non-tribal repositories. Originally recorded November 2019. View on the Sustainable Heritage Network here



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