Brooklyn Historical Society Statement on Muslim Ban Ruling

As an institution dedicated to the history of Brooklyn, we are proud of the rich fabric of multicultural heritage in Brooklyn. Yesterday’s Supreme Court decision to uphold the government’s Muslim ban makes it even more imperative that we affirm our commitment to the histories of all Brooklynites. We want Brooklyn’s Muslim communities in particular to know that their stories, their struggles, and their contributions are embraced and deeply valued by the Brooklyn Historical Society.

As part of our commitment, last year Brooklyn Historical Society launched a public history and arts project called Muslims in Brooklyn, designed to highlight the long, diverse, and dynamic histories of Muslims in our Borough. Muslim communities have been a part of American life since before the nation’s founding; and established Muslim communities have been in Brooklyn for over a century. They span many ethnicities, cultures, and nationalities, but are Brooklynites through and through, having adapted to life in Brooklyn even as they have helped to shape it.

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