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The Human Rights Archives Section aims to create a space for SAA members and other stakeholders (human rights advocates, scholars, government officials, and non-governmental organization workers) to increase dialogue and collaboration on issues related to the collection, preservation, disclosure, legal implications, and ethics of human rights documentation.

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Abolitionist Library Association is a collective of library workers, students, and community members taking action to divest from all forms of policing in libraries and invest in our collective liberation.
The latest episodes of the Lost in the Stacks Podcast features Colleen Marquis discussing archivists, librarians, and curators joining the Lecturers’ Employee Organization union at the University of Michigan.
Crafting Resistance challenged the idea of political prisoners as ‘passive victims’ which fails to recognise the degree of agency many prisoners retain despite the horrific circumstances they endure.
Ensuring that all histories – especially the most marginalized – are preserved and shared is a priority for Sites of Conscience around the globe.
The One Book, Many Communities has 3 digital book discussion events in the month of August.
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