EAS 2019-2020 Section Survey Results

The SAA Encoded Archival Standards (EAS) Section Steering Committee is pleased to share with you the results and data from our 2019-2020 Survey. The EAS section conducted this survey to gain a greater understanding of the types of standards our community members interact with, the tools they use, how the use of standards has changed/is changing, and the resources that are most useful for learning about and engaging with these standards. To provide you with multiple options for reading and understanding the responses, we have three different documents (all linked in the list below and attached as files to this page) that summarize and provide the data in different views and formats:

  1. Survey Data Graphs (PDF)
  2. Grouped Free-text Survey Responses (PDF)
  3. Anonymized Survey Data Set (Excel spreadsheet)

Thank you to all who participated in the survey; your responses have helped the EAS Section Steering Committee make decisions about our goals for the coming year(s) and have provided us with great ideas about what steps we can take to provide more and better resources about encoded archival standards. We are also excited about the potential for collaborating with other sections and groups at the national and regional levels to accomplish these goals on a larger scale.

If you have any questions about the survey or our work, or would be interested in working with the EAS Steering Committee to provide resources, webinars, tutorials, short intros, or other information about encoded archival standards, please contact our co-chairs Betts Coup, at elizabeth_coup@harvard.edu and Bo Doub, at bdoub@usc.edu. We would love to hear from you!


Betts Coup
Bo Doub
Michele Combs
Sue Luftschein
2020-2021 EAS Steering Committee

2019-2020 EAS Survey Data Graphs.pdf136.35 KB
2019-2020 EAS Survey Free Text Responses.pdf141.81 KB
2019-2020 EAS Survey Anonymized Dataset.xlsx41.01 KB