EAD Roundtable Meeting Minutes 2011

Annual Meeting of the SAA EAD Roundtable, August 24, 2011

  1. Welcome and introductions (John Nemmers and Mark Matienzo, Co-chairs)
  2. Election results: Hillel Arnold elected as incoming co-chair for 2011-2013.
  3. Results of survey regarding roundtable website and other website-related updates:
    • The EADRT maintains the EAD Help Pages as a set of static HTML files and is interested in migrating the site to SAA’s Drupal platform.
    • Roundtable leadership conducted a survey in October 2010 to evaluate how the website was used. The survey results are attached.
    • The incoming roundtable leadership expects to make significant changes to content, such as potentially decommissioning the EAD Implementers pages as they are the hardest to maintain and the most out of date.
    • Attendees discussed other possibilities such as collaborating with the Standards Committee’s new standards portal.
  4. Updates and announcements
    • SAA Council (Outgoing rep: Tom Hyry; incoming rep: Bill Landis
    • 2011 Program Committee (Mark Shelstad)
    • Archivists’ Toolkit/Archon/ArchivesSpace (Mark Matienzo and Brad Westbrook)
    • Technical Subcommittee on Encoded Archival Context (Kathy Wisser and Anila Angjeli)
    • NHPRC (Dan Stokes)
    • Standards Committee (Cory Nimer)
  5. EAD Revision Forum (Organized by Technical Subcommittee on EAD)
Summary of October 2010 EADRT/Help Pages survey results92 KB