EAD Roundtable Meeting Minutes 2009

Wednesday, August 12, 2009, Austin, TX

  1. Welcome and Chair Report
    • Introduction of roundtable leadership.
    • Revision of roundtable mission statement.
    • EAD Roundtable survey distributed.
  2. Reports and Updates
    • 2010 Program Committee (Ben Primer)
    • SAA Council (Tom Hyry)
    • TSDS Report (Michael Rush)
    • EAD Working Group (Kris Kiesling)
    • EAC Working Group (Karin Bredenberg)
    • RLG Programs/OCLC Research (Jackie Dooley)
    • Archivists' Toolkit (Brad Westbrook)
    • NHPRC (Lucy Barber)
  3. Vice Chair / Chair Elect Candidate Statement
    • Nominee John Nemmers made a brief statement; his biography was distributed with the meeting agenda.
    • There were no nominations from the floor.
  4. Discussion of Update to EAD Roundtable Mission Statement
    • Motion was passed at 2008 roundtable meeting to assign a subcommittee to revise the mission statement.
    • Membership of subcommittee: Jacquelyn Ferry, Valerie Gillispie, Dean Jeffrey, Jill Katte, and Karen Spilman.
    • Current mission statement and proposed revision were distributed and discussed.
    • Motion passed to send recommendation to Council. No questions or comments, and none against the motion.

Proposed Revision to EAD Roundtable Mission Statement:

The EAD Roundtable of the Society of American Archivists is intended to promote the implementation and use of encoding standards for dissemination of archival information. To this end, we aim to provide tools and information for use in encoding archival descriptions, discuss and facilitate the use of software for markup, parsing, indexing, and delivery, and monitor and contribute to encoding standard development for archival description.

Presentation: Mark Matienzo, "Linked Data and Archival Description: Confluences, Contingencies, and Conflicts."
  • Mark Matienzo presented on the opportunities and limitations of EAD and linked data for providing access to archival description.
Election Results: John Nemmers was elected Vice Chair/Chair Elect.