2017 EAS Section Annual Meeting Agenda

2017 EAS Section Annual Meeting Agenda
Thursday, 2017 July 27, 2.00-3.15pm

  1. Opening and Introductions 2-2:10pm (10 minutes)

    • Introduction of Current Roundtable Leadership and Election Results
    • Introduction of and Brief Report from Council Liaison (Michelle Light)
    • Overview of Agenda and requests for any additional items for new business


  2. Section “Year in Review” (10 minutes)

    • Webinar Series (Patrick Galligan)
    • EAD3 Study Group on Migration Report (Elizabeth Dunham and Christy Tomecek)


  3. ArchivesSpace EAD3 Support 2:20-2:25 (5 minutes; Patrick Galligan)

  4. Updates from TS-EAS 2:25-2:35 (10 minutes; Karin Brendenberg and/or Kathy Wisser)

  5. Introduction to RiC 2:35-3:15 (40 minutes; Daniel Pitti and/or Aaron Rubenstein)