2015 EADRT Annual Meeting Agenda

Opening/Introductions (5 minutes)

Introduction of current RT leadership

Senior co-chair Jodi Allison-Bunnell

Junior co-chair Ruth Kitchin Tillman

Members: Laura Starratt, Monish Singh, Suzanne Maggard

Council liaison greetings

Requests for meeting agenda additions (new business)

EAD3 (60 minutes):

Theme of this portion: What does this RT need to do in the next year to support the community around EAD3?

EAD3 unveiling

Presentation, Q&A (Michael Rush, TS-EAD)

EAD3 FAQ (Ruth Tillman and Suzanne)

EAD3 and tools (e.g. ArchivesSpace, AToM, Archive Grid) (Brad Westbrook, Courtney Mumma, OCLC Research staff)

EAD3 Study Groups (Jodi, Monish)

Study Group on Implementation (Mark Custer)

Study Group on User Needs for Discovery (Merrile Profitt)

Study Group on Migration (Elizabeth Dunham)

EAD3 Training

Summary: What we heard; what the RT should consider taking on (Jodi, Ruth, Elizabeth)

Stretch Break (5 mins)

Post-break fun (10 minutes)

Members of TS-EAD and others are invited to do two-minute presentations on their favorite EAD3 tag or attribute and way. Why does it matter? Why does it make you smile?

Related Standards/Business (20 minutes):

Proposal to combine TS-EAD and TS-EAC (Michael Rush, Kathy Wisser or Anila Angjeli)

EAC-CPF report (Kathy Wisser, Anila Angjeli)

SNAC update (Jerry Simmons)

EGAD update (Aaron Rubinstein or Bill Stockting)

Open Finding Aids (Jodi, Mark Matienzo, Gretchen Gueguen)

DPLA and EAD (Gretchen Gueguen)  

New Business

Closing (5 minutes):

Election Results and leadership transition