Standing Rules Revisions and Section Name Change Announcement


Article 1. Name : Per the request this co-chair, and with the support of the Steering Committee, co-chairs Keith Reynolds and Lisa Calahan put out a call for volunteers to a Renaming Committee with the charge of finding a more inclusive name to reflect our Section's membership. Responding to the many wonderful suggestions made by the committee and LAGAS members, the Committee has put forward four names to be voted on by section members.

  • Diverse Sexuality and Gender Section (DSGS)

  • Lavender Archives and Archivists Section (LAAS)

  • Pride Archives and Archivists Section (PAAS)

  • Rainbow Archives and Archivists Section (RAAS)

Article 4. Governance, C. Terms of Office, 1. : A LAGAS/Steering Committee member, with the support of the Co-chairs, has requested to change the stipulation that the co-chair officers must be of "different gender identities." We recommend removing that stipulation from Article 4.C.1

Article 4., D. Nomination and Election : The co-chairs recommend that we take this opportunity to update the voting protocols in our standing rules to meet the online voting rules set in place by SAA Council. This would update point 1 and eliminate point 2 in Section D.

Article 4., E. Duties of the Officers : Point 2 references a Newsletter Committee and the stipulation that two issues be produced. We suggest updating this point to reflect different means of communication and promotion in more open terms to account for changing scope/technology.

Article 5. Business, C. Voting : Make necessary changes to update voting protocols to be inline with SAA's online voting rules.


Article 7. Amendments to the Bylaws : Revise 7.A.3 and 7.B.1 to reflect current/future communication avenues by removing stipulation that proposed amendment changes be mailed, and update language to reflect online ballot/voting for changes.

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