Task Force on Guidelines for Congressional Papers Repositories, 2003-2004

Charge: to produce a publishable document that would be: 1) distributed to all members of Congress to aid them in selecting and evaluating an archival repository for their personal papers, 2) made available to repositories already housing congressional collections so they may evaluate their own practices and procedures, 3) made available to repositories considering acquisition of congressional collections so they may better understand the institutional commitments such acquisitions require.

Members: Jeffrey Suchanek, Chair (University of Kentucky); Kimberly Butler (North Central College); Mark Greene (University of Wyoming); Herb Hartsook (University of South Carolina); Karen Paul (U.S. Senate Historical Office); Jeff Thomas (Ohio State University); Sheryl Vogt (University of Georgia); Katharine Winters (University of Wyoming); L. Rebecca Johnson Melvin, ex officio (University of Delaware)