CPS Advocacy Guide

In 2017, the CPS approved a new strategic plan that aligns the Section’s goals with those articulated in the SAA 2018-2020 strategic plan. Goal 1 in both plans addresses “advocating for archives and archivists.” Specifically, CPS committed to providing leadership in “promoting the value of congressional archives and archivists to members of Congress…” and to organizing an “advocacy activity during its 2018 meeting in Washington, DC, with congressional members and staff.” Further, CPS members expressed a more urgent need to advocate for funding for congressional papers preservation because of the significant resources needed to care for these collections.

To meet these objectives, CPS hosted an advocacy training session at its annual SAA pre-conference program on April 15, 2018, at the Capitol Visitor Center in Washington DC. The session included former or current congressional staff members who provided useful insights to archivists about how to make the case for preserving congressional records. The session also included a representative from the Congressional Management Foundation, which researches and provides training on congressional advocacy.

Following the information gleaned from this workshop, CPS has developed this booklet to help you prepare for an advocacy visit to your delegation on Capitol Hill. It includes a basic set of talking points, tips for interacting with congressional offices, and checklists to help you gather the necessary information for your visit.

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