July 28, 2022 Business Meeting Agenda

Committee on Research, Data and Assessment (CORDA)

2022 Business Meeting

Thursday, July 28, 2022 (virtual)

4:00-5:30 pm EST / 3:00-4:30 CST / 2:00-3:30 MST / 1:00-2:30 PST

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1. CORDA short overview

2. Committee Transitions

3. Team Updates (accomplishments and looking ahead)

a. Facts and Figures (Dennis Meissner, Chris Marino)

b. Data Repository (Emily Lapworth, Jane Fiegel, Maggie Hughes, Erin Passehl


c. Education (Sarah Pratt Martin, Gwen Higgins, Jen Wachtel)

d. Research and Innovation Roadmap (Jennifer Gunter King, Nance McGovern,

Erin Passehl Stoddart, Sarah Buchanan)

4. Presentation: Celebrating the SAA Research Forum (Nance McGovern)

5. Recap of next year’s goals and initiatives

6. CORDA related events at the SAA Annual Meeting

7. Open discussion and wrap-up

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