Collection Management Section



The Society of American Archivists's Collection Management Section provides a forum for archivists to innovate collection management practices and the implementation, comparison, analyses, and integration of technology for managing analog and digital archival materials. Topics of interest include:

  • Promoting efficient and innovative collection management techniques;
  • Comparing software and workflows;
  • Technology used to record description, manage the custody of archival collections, and provide access;
  • Monitoring and prioritizing backlogs;
  • Integrating collection management tools with other systems;
  • Transporting and tracking collections for storage and research access; and
  • Sharing user experiences and case studies.


  • Provide a forum for discussion of collection management practices and tools.
  • Share knowledge and expertise among its members to utilize the features and functions of tools to their full potential.
  • Facilitate communication between and among user communities, developers, and service providers.