2016 CMTRT Annual Meeting Agenda

Collection Management Tools Roundtable Meeting Agenda
Wednesday, August 3, 2016
4:00 - 5:00 PM
Salon C Hilton Atlanta, 255 Courtland Street NE, Atlanta, GA 30303 

4:00-4:05: Welcome and Announcements

4:05-4:20: Review of Year’s Activities

4:20-5:25: Presentations and Q&A

5:25-5:30: Council Liaison Announcements

Mark Custer (Yale University) and Susan Pyzynski (Harvard University), ArchivesSpace public interface

Come hear an update about the new ArchviesSpace Public Interface, which is scheduled for its official release early next year.  Mark Custer, from Yale, and Susan Pyzynski, from Harvard, will provide an overview of the project as well as directions so that you will be able to explore the new interface on your own with real-world examples of archival description. Questions encouraged.

Matt Gorzalski (SIU Carbondale), Archon Update Project

This presentation will discuss a collaborative project undertaken by a group of Archon users and Library Host to update Archon and make it a viable collection management tool for the next few years.  The project updated Archon’s PHP so that it works under current versions of PHP, and address security issues.  This project is a proof-of-concept of community code development and support for open source software.

Morag Boyd (Ohio State), Archival Management Systems at The Ohio State University

The Ohio State University Libraries began working to consolidate and normalize archival description across the seven special collections units, including implementation of a single archives management system to replace multiple approaches and systems, about three years ago. This presentation will explore the opportunities and challenges of this process, including the initial selection of ArchivesSpace in fall 2013, and the subsequent decision to suspend implementation of ASpace in fall 2015 and to implement Archivists’ Toolkit instead. OSUL will share the lessons we learned, why we chose to abandon ASpace in favor of AT, and make some suggestions for how the community could move forward together to improve tools for collection management.