The Business Archives Section (BAS) provides a vital mechanism for archivists to become active in the work of the Society of American Archivists (SAA) and for meeting members with a common interest in managing and providing access to business archives.

The Business Archives Section is comprised of employees of corporations, businesses, non-profit organizations and associations, who administer and provide access to non-current records of a historical or archival nature.  The conduct of business for this section is guided by the standing rules maintained on this site.

Business Archives in North America: Invest in Your Future, Understand Your Past provides a brief explanation of business archives and the archivist's role in developing, collecting and maintaining the records of business entities.  If you are interested in what business archives are all about, this is a good article to start your research.

2018/2019 BAS Steering Committee Results! 

Vice Chair/Chair-Elect: Neil Dahlstrom, John Deere

Vice Editor: Dave J. Moore, Carhartt 

Secretary: Cristina Vignone, Tiffany & Co.


Member-At-Large: Samuel Smallidge, Converse

Education Chair: Jennifer Johnson, Cargill, Incorporated



Here is the full roster for this year's Steering Committee.

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Advocating For Business Archives Toolkit

The BAS Steering Committee is pleased to publish the first version of the "Advocating for Business Archives Toolkit".  Advocating for one's self and archival collection is a constant effort, and unfortunately there's no silver bullet that will work for every business archives every time.  As stated in the 2013 defense of the Georgia State Archives, "Too often, advocacy is effectively crisis management, responding to specfic events.  Proactively developing a plan allows time to consider a range of options, find ways to refine the message, and identify and educate a broad range of stakeholders."

Therefore the intent of this page is to provide Business Archives Section (BAS) members with a resource center to allow development of individualized advocacy plans to avert future issues, and if necessary to successfully "win the day".  There is a wealth of advocacy information available, and this list is not exhaustive but merely a starting place for you develop your own policies.  Materials listed and provided are not endorsed by BAS, but rather provide solid examples for you to consider leveraging.  

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 BAS Newsletter Welcomes Submissions!

The Business Archives Section Quarterly welcomes feature articles of any length exploring the theme-related issue of each quarter as well as any news of events, exhibits, new hires, retirements, or any other news pertinent to BAS members. 

Issue Themes (2019) Submission Deadline
Corporate Memory Mar. 16, 2019 (Spring)
Business as Popular History June 30, 2019 (Summer)
Outside of Business (External Audiences) Sept. 16, 2019 (Fall)

Archival Theory & Business Reality

Nov. 30, 2019 (Winter)

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Recent News & Announcements

The archival program at Atlanta Housing (AH) began October 2014. The AH Archives collects and preserves records of permanent and historical value dating back to the 1930’s. These records document the history of AH, the early history of public housing, the history of the United States’ first federally funded public housing projects beginning in Atlanta, and the innovative role AH played in shaping public housing policy and history.
Nearly 30 corporate and religious archivists from the MARAC region and beyond gathered at our spring conference in Hershey for MARAC’s second ever Business Archives Forum
Repository Spotlight: As Delta flies into its 90th anniversary of passenger service in 2019, the historical collections of the company continue to grow more accessible and active than ever.
Kerri Anne Burke of the Citigroup Center for Culture, Bob Clark of the Rockefeller Archives Center and L.J. Strumpf of the IBM Archives spoke at the Spring 2018 joint meeting of the New England Archivists and Archivists Round Table of Metropolitan New York.
Samantha Bradbeer spends her days at Hallmark making sure that an accurate and varied record of company, family, and product history is preserved for future generations.
120 years later, Powers Clothing is still going strong… and still selling Carhartt. When you have retail partners that old, you know you must be doing something right. Catalogs, advertisements, sales and personal correspondence, garment tags, photographs, order forms, historic garments – they all come together to tell the story of how the hard work of one traveling salesman evolved into a global brand.
Founded in 1915, The Durst Organization (“Durst”) is a family-run business dedicated to the principles of innovation, integrity, community, and sustainability. The mission of the Durst Heritage and Information Services Department (DHIS) is to collect, preserve, and make accessible materials documenting the past and present of the company and affiliates.
The PVH Archives is a digital and physical resource created to preserve all archival materials pertaining to PVH Corp. and its portfolio of iconic apparel brands including CALVIN KLEIN, TOMMY HILFIGER, and the Heritage Brands—Van Heusen, IZOD, ARROW, Warner’s, and Olga.
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