BAS Newsletter Winter 2012

The Business Archivist & Archives Newsletter

Published by the Business Archives Section (BAS) of the Society of American Archivists (SAA)

Volume 30, No. 1
Winter 2012


From the Editors
Aubrey Carrier, Wells Fargo & Co.; Eric Chin, NBCUniversal

Thank you for joining us as 2012 draws to a close! The articles in this issue showcase the diversity of responsibilities we encounter in our day-to-day jobs. Find out what your colleagues have accomplished this year, and learn how you can join the conversation!  Read full article >>


Message from the Chair
Scott D. Grimwood, SSM Health Care

Section news and updates from our Chair, Scott Grimwood.  Read full article >>


SAA Council Update
Beth Kaplan, Council Member and Liaison to Business Archives Section

In the past few years, Council members have been focused on improving communications -- two-way communications, that is -- between SAA leaders and SAA component groups like the Business Archives Section.  Read full article >>


What is Audiovisual Enterprise Content Management (AV ECM)?
Lance Watsky, Alteran Technologies

The ability to access audiovisual content is important, but content must be managed so that it can be used for your corporation’s goals. Central to this strategy are the tools and technologies of AV ECM, which manage the complete lifecycle of the content, from creation to access and preservation.  Read full article >>


Building Relationships to Preserve the Legacy Around the Globe
Sarah Wagner, Amway

Amway’s business and operations are built upon relationships, and we are continuing that core value of partnership to grow and improve the initiatives of Amway’s Global Archives and Museum.  Read full article >>


Framing What We Do into "Stories"
Jamal Booker, Coca-Cola

Every piece in our collections can be used to tell a story – about the business. While this is something that business archives have done for years, the combination of this with the ever-increasing social media landscape offers us a new way to communicate what we do and add value to our institutions.  Read full article >>


Business Archives Workshop 2012

"I walked away with a newfound confidence, innovative ideas and excitement towards my collection management that I never expected." Business Archives Workshop participants share their experiences.  Read full article >>


In Memoriam: Audrey Newcomer
Scott D. Grimwood, SSM Health Care

A tribute to the life and work of Audrey Newcomer, a colleague we lost too soon.  Read full article >>


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