Recorded Sound Section's standing rules, Proposed Revisions 2017

The approved revisions are minor. The Council has agreed upon measures to call all sections and roundtables Sections; to call each Section's unique procedures Standing Rules; to designate Section IX. Sections of the SAA Governance Manual as the SAA Section ByLaws, that is, the basic procedures that apply to all Sections; and to include updated language about those procedures in the Governance, Elections, and Amendments sections of each Section's Standing Rules.

The proposed revisions specific to the Recorded Sound Section are visible in the strikethrough and underlined portions of the Name and Mission sections. The Section's members will be able to vote whether to call the section the Recorded Sound Section or the Audio and Moving Image Section. The Steering Committee proposed the latter name after discussing how to more fully address "the preservation and management of audio and audiovisual collections."

Please see the Recorded Sound Section's standing rules' proposed revisions (2017) here: