Recorded Sound Section Meeting Minutes 2017


Recorded Sound Roundtable

Annual Meeting Minutes Wednesday

July 26th, 2017 Portland Oregon Room B115 Oregon Convention Center 2:30-3:45pm


Members in attendance: Eric Cartier, outgoing Chair; Tre Berney, incoming Chair; Jolene Beiser, Web Liaison; Sarah Cunningham, Steering Committee Member; Calvin Rydbom, Steering Committee Member; Ben Hautman, Steering Committee Member

Wednesday, July 26, 2017 / 2:30 – 3:45

Chair’s welcome, Eric (5 minutes)

- Acknowledgement of thanks to members of the Steering Committee; Sarah Cunningham, Katherine, Tre, Eric, Jolene, Ben Hautman, Rebecca Chandler

- Invited Council members to speak if available and had announcements or contributions to make to the conversation

- Chair reviewed the agenda and solicit agenda items and ideas for coming year

- Peaceful transition of power of From outgoing Chair to incoming Chair to happen at end.

Peter Hirtle*, AV copyright guidelines and Section 108 project discussion (30 minutes)

Peter reviewed the Cornell Library AV Streaming Policy Guideline:

-Documentation is broken out into categories listed in matrix on policy document above

-Peter discussed WGHB and AAPB project and their online delivery, including his contributions to the project. Casey Kaufman and Rebecca Fraimow discussed the successes, including not take-down notices since launch of the online reading room in the American Archive of Public Broadcasting.

-Captioning is an emerging challenge for organizations for reasons including cost, systematic workflows and fidelity of content. Peter gave the recent example of 20,000 hours of MOOCs at UC Berkley that were removed due to incomplete captioning. UCB was implicated and the content was immediately taken down

-Section 108 project was a success and produced documentation (108b – preservation copy, 108c – obsolete material)

-Be aware of availability, as there are good arguments as to what “replacement copy” is in the 108 project study group, further complicating some content’s IP status.

Old business, Eric and others (10 minutes)

a.     Summer 2016 Newsletter

Eric encouraged audience and members of the listserv to find the well produced newsletter and sign up to the listservand become active in the community as a resource.

b.     Organization/Development Update

   i.     ARSC update

- the 52nd annual conference will be held in spring 2018 in Baltimore, and that ARSC board members will participate in the Radio Preservation Task Force conference in November 2017 in DC

-Copyright committee has been conversing about a new copyright law that has been unveiled

  ii.     IASA update from Tre Berney as liaison

Technical Committee reports via Carl Fleischhauer: “Regarding the video preservation guideline, here is an update.  (BTW: IASA editor Bert Lyons tells me that IASA style makes it IASA-TC 06, in parallel with IASA-TC 03, IASA-TC 04, and IASA-TC 05.)  For the time being, I am serving as the project coordinator, supported by Kevin Bradley and others.


According to discussions within the Technical Committee last year, as well as recent discussions, this guideline will be shared with the community in phases. The entirety was more than the working group was able to assemble in a reasonable timeframe and, in any case, video preservation reformatting practices can best be described as emergent.  We look forward to a growing consensus in the next few years and (as you will read below) we feel that offering a online document will make it easier for us to update in the medium term.


A draft for the first phase exists now, featuring introductory materials and discussion of the conservation (in the US terminological sense) and reformatting of conventional carriers, i.e., videotapes.  Later phases of IASA-TC 06 will tackle the important family of issues attendant on the acquisition of file-based digital recordings, which call for different strategies and practices.


The current plan for the draft, to be confirmed at the TC meeting in September, is to seek Technical Committee review during the remainder of 2017.  I anticipate that we will share the TC review initial draft by the end of this month.  In early 2018, we plan to post a refined version on the IASA website, and we will seek comments and advice from our colleagues in the community. 


Lars Gaustad - Chair of IASA TC: Adding to Carl’s update, the Technical Commission has also finalised the new and 4th revision of TC 03 "The Safeguarding of the Audio Heritage: Ethics, Principles and Preservation Strategy" which now includes considerations regarding audiovisual and therefore has replaced audio with audiovisual in the title, in line for publication this fall.


It may be worth mentioning also, a new Joint Technical Symposium will be organized under the auspices of CCAAA (Co-ordinating Council of Audiovisual Archives Association) in conjunction with the IASA conference in Amsterdam in 2019.


New business, Eric and others (10 minutes)

a.     Election of new RSS members will be in August; still seeking nominations

b.     Section name change vote on ballot:  Recorded Sound Section (RSS) vs. Audio and Moving Image Section (AMIS)

c.     What to take on as new business?

-No topics presented

d.     Propose sessions for SAA 2018

-Vetting resources for community at large?

-College and University listerv connection?

-Connect with Standards Committees from other, AV specific organizations

SAA announcements, Eric and others (10 minutes)

a.     Promoting audio and audiovisual related 2017 sessions

-KBOO and other public media 10:45 Thursday AAPB and NDSR

-Friday morning AAPB engaging public in improving speech to text generated captions

-10:45 Thursday – Studs Terkel collection dissemination

-Jesse from NEH is pursuing possibilities for digitization support and project; prioritizing sound and AV preservation

b.     AV Archives Night -
       Thursday 7-11pm
       Mission Theater
       1624 N.W. Glisan

8. Changing of Chairs, Adjournment, Tre