Recorded Sound Roundtable Annual Meeting 2015 Agenda

Recorded Sound Roundtable Agenda

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

1.     Chair’s welcome, Robin (5 minutes)

2.     SAA Council Liaison, Michelle Light (10 minutes)

3.     Program Committee member (10 minutes, tentative)

4.     R&R HoF L&A Presentation (30 minutes)

5.     Old Business, Robin and others (10 minutes)

a.      Newsletter

b.     SAA 2016 sessions

c.      Organization/Development Updates

                                                    i.     ARSC

                                                  ii.     IASA

                                                iii.     MLA

                                                 iv.     AVPreserve

d.     Other?

6.     New business, Robin and others (5 minutes)

a.      Provenance all audiovisual issue

b.     Thoughts on what we want to take on as new business?

7.     SAA announcements, Robin and others (10 minutes)

a.      AV Archives Night

b.     Other?

8.     Election Results for 2015-2016, Robin (5 minutes)

9.     Changing of Chairs, Adjournment, Sarah (5 minutes)