Online Discussion, Colonial Afterlives of Archives

Please join us on Feb. 1, 11:00 am CT (US and Canada) for a discussion with Riley Linebaugh and James Lowry on “Archival History and Colonial Afterlives.”


Linebaugh and Lowry will build on their award-winning article “The Archival Colour Line: Race, Records and Post-Colonial Custody” to share their progress along two related but distinct lines of enquiry related to Jenkinson, British archival thought and its participation in global colonialism. Linebaugh will historicize Jenkinson's biography in reference to his 1912 article, "The Records of the English African Companies" and his participation in the Monuments, Fine Arts, and Archives program during WWII. Lowry will detail work to map an “imperial discourse network” and the afterlives of colonial archival hegemony by following Jenkinson’s 1948 memorandum to the colonies, which survives in state archives across the world. As critical enquiries into archival history, and particularly the intellectual history of our field, these interventions provide new context for the work of archival decolonization. 


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Susan Tucker, for the Steering Committee