Diversity Committee

I. Purpose

The Diversity Committee works to ensure that the organization's services, activities, policies, communications, and products support the goal of a more diverse SAA and professional archival community. It functions as a catalyst for new diversity-related initiatives, developed in coordination with various SAA entities, and monitors, evaluates, advocates for, and reports on matters pertaining to the diversity of archival practitioners and documentation.

II. Committee Selection, Size, and Length of Terms

The committee consists of nine members, including the chair and vice chair, who are appointed by the SAA vice president/president-elect. Committee members serve staggered three-year terms. In consultation with the chair, the SAA vice president appoints a vice chair from among committee members with at least one year of experience on the committee. The vice chair serves a one-year term, then accedes to a one-year term as committee chair.  

The chairs of the following member affinity groups with interests in diversity issues serve as ex officio members of the committee:

  • Archivists and Archives of Color Section
  • Diverse Sexuality and Gender Section
  • Latin American and Caribbean Cultural Heritage Archives Section
  • Membership Committee
  • Native American Archives Section
  • Women Archivists Section and Women's Collections Section (This is a joint seat appointed in consultation with both section chairs.)

III. Duties and Responsibilities

  • Guides members and staff to recognize the integral links of diversity to all SAA entities and concerns.
  • Develops diversity-related initiatives either on its own or in conjunction with other SAA units or the SAA office. Identifies prospective initiatives through reviews of the annual reports of SAA units and other means.
  • Regularly informs the membership of SAA’s progress regarding the organization’s efforts.
  • Monitors within and outside the organization issues that pertain to diversity concerns and advises the Council on how to address them.
  • Gathers, reviews, and analyzes feedback from the general membership, SAA leaders, and the Council.
  • Explores strategies with the SAA Membership Committee for recruiting and retaining individuals from underrepresented populations into the organization.
  • Cultivates relationships with allied professions to seek out opportunities for collaboration.

IV. Reporting Procedures

The Diversity  Committee reports to the Council and works closely with its Council liaison, the President, and the Executive Director to ensure that it is responsive to the Council’s needs. The chair is responsible for submitting an annual report to the Council, and may also submit items for Council action or discussion and feedback as necessary. The chair also is  responsible for ensuring that minutes of Diversity Committee meetings are prepared and posted on the Diversity Committee’s SAA-hosted website to inform SAA members of its activities and comply with SAA’s record-keeping requirements.

V. Meetings

The committee meets once per year at the Annual Meeting and may also meet mid-year when appropriate. In addition, the committee may conduct its business by e-mail or telephone during the course of the year.


Approved by the SAA Council: 2003
Revised: August 2006, February 2010, May 2014