SAA Council Personnel Grievance Committee

According to the SAA Bylaws, 7.: "In the event of grievances as specified below, there shall be a personnel grievance committee."

"The committee shall hear grievances:

  1. Between the executive director and the Council,
  2. Between the executive director and a staff member, and
  3. Such other grievances as may be referred to it by the Council."

"The decision of the personnel grievance committee concerning matters involving the executive director shall be binding upon the parties to the dispute, provided that the decision is in accordance with applicable federal and state laws and the constitution and by-laws of the Society."

II. Committee Selection, Size, and Length of Terms

"The committee shall be composed of five members, each of whom must have served the Society as a councilor or as an elected officer within the past five years, but who may not be serving in such capacity at the time of the work of the committee. Two members of the committee shall be chosen by the Council, two members by the executive director, and the fifth member by decision of the first four members chosen. The fifth member will serve as chair of the committee."

The Personnel Grievance Committee reports to the SAA Council.