These Reviews complement the textual reviews found in The American Archivist. Specifically, the Reviews Portal is envisioned as an extension of the reviews section found in the journal, but with a more specific focus: digital (and digitized) archival content, technologies, and related resources.

The content found here primarily consists of shorter reviews (500 to 750 words) than those found in the journal, and focuses on digital and digitized archival content and the technologies used in that capacity. For a specific set of guidelines on how to write a review, please see How to Write a Web Review.

If you are interested in writing a review for the Reviews Portal, please contact the Reviews Editors Rose Buchanan and Stephanie Luke. Also, see Archival Technologies and Resources for a list of technologies, resources, and digital archives and project to review.

Our latest review explores AVCC, an open-source, web-based tool from AVPreserve that is designed to help archivists begin cataloging and assessing their audiovisual collections.


Reviewed by Allyson Smally


Other Reviews:

Richard Pryor's Peoria

Reviewed by Emily Vinson


Oral History Metadata Synchronizer

Reviewed by Erin Lawrimore

Reviewed by Alexis A. Antracoli


Histories of the National Mall

Reviewed by Michael Karabinos


A Tale of Two Plantations

Reviewed by April P. Akins


Women's World in Qajar Iran

Reviewed by Sean McConnell



Reviewed by Chad Conrady


Bexar Archives Online

Reviewed by Rosemary K. J. Davis



Reviewed by Eira Tansey



Reviewed by Brad Houston


Founders Online

Reviewed by Ellen Eckert


Open Library

Reviewed by Samantha Cross


The Internet Archive Companion

Reviewed by Leslie Wagner



Reviewed by Jillian M. Slater

Reviewed by Abigail Nye 


North Carolina Civil War Soldiers Timeline

Reviewed by Rebecca Russell 


Today's Document

Reviewed by Mary N.S. Richardson



Reviewed by Natalie Morath


Bamboo Dirt

Reviewed by Jay Gaidmore

Reviewed by Lauren Goodley



Reviewed by Abigail Nye


Persée Digital Library

Reviewed by Dillon M. Wackerman



Reviewed by Erin Lawrimore


Genius Scan and Genius Scan+

Reviewed by Maristella Feustle 


Provenance Special Issue on Advocacy

Reviewed by Kathy Marquis



Reviewed by Ashley Taylor



Reviewed by Suzanne Maggard


Gallica: Digital Library of the Bibliothèque nationale de France

Reviewed by Timothy R. Borbely


Hurricane Sandy: Record, Remember, Rebuild

Reviewed by Alexandra Orchard



Reviewed by Elizabeth Pepper


Copyright Term and the Public Domain in the United States

Reviewed by David M. Brown



Reviewed by Amy Nicole Roberson


Our Digital World

Reviewed by Elizabeth Pepper


Grateful Dead Archive Online

Reviewed by Lori Birrell


DIY History

Reviewed by Eric Wiley


Content, Context, and Capacity

Reviewed by Alexandra Orchard

Mapping Our Anzacs
Reviewed by Alexandra Orchard

dPlan™: The Online Disaster Planning Tool
Reviewed by Gregor Trinkaus-Randall

Organizing and Preserving Family and Religious Records:  A Step-by-Step Guide
Reviewed by Mary Beth Corrigan

Cataloguing Outside the Box: A Practical Guide to Cataloguing Special Collections Materials
Reviewed by Susan Hamburger

Rapid Capture: Faster Throughput in Digitization of Special Collections
Reviewed by Ricky Erway

Archives, Metadata and Gaming: An Interesting Combination
Reviewed by Danna Bell-Russel


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