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Thank you for visiting the home of American Archivist Reviews! You will find that this website changes frequently, hosting new content in Archival Technologies and Resources and in Reviews. We use this portal to provide reviews—written by you or by the Portal Coordinator—that highlight some of the characteristics of websites, digital collections, or technologies that have an impact on our profession. We also use this portal to provide more immediate access to reviews that will appear in American Archivist. Finally, we want to be aware of publications from our membership, and invite you to contact us to add your publication to our list. 

We invite you to contribute to the following areas:

  • If you’re interested in writing a book review for American Archivist or have comments about this site, contact Reviews Editors Rose Buchanan and Stephanie Luke at
  • If you’re interested in writing a review of digital collections, websites, or other technology and resources, contact Reviews Editors Rose Buchanan and Stephanie Luke at
  • Finally, if you want to contribute information about a publication, please submit this form.

We look forward to working with you on your contributions to this site!

Stephanie Luke and Rose Buchanan, Reviews Editors 


Archival Technologies and Resources: Find a list of websites useful for archivists working with digital archival materials.

Reviews: Find full reviews written specifically for the web-presence of The American Archivist Reviews.  

Reviewed in American Archivist: This online presence provides access to forthcoming reviews prior to their publication in the biannual journal. 

Written by Our Members: We are returning to a former tradition in American Archivist by allowing you to browse a list of books published by members. To this, we'll add the opportunity to explore exhibits mounted by colleagues, consider the value of software in use, and evaluate journals that may be of use.


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The American Archivist Reviews is an online portal for information about archives and professional archivists. It complements The American Archivist in its printed and online formats; it provides access to and reviews of SAA publications as well as those of other publishers; and it expands access to multi-faceted resources generated by our profession.