2021 SAA Annual Membership (Business) Meeting

Tuesday, August 3, 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm CT

All SAA members are welcome to attend the Annual Membership (Business) Meeting, which this year features introduction of Executive Director Jacqualine Price Osafo; reports by the SAA Treasurer and Nominating Committee chair; acknowledgment of the recipients of several Council exemplary service awards and resolutions; and remarks from incoming SAA President Courtney Chartier. Join us live on Zoom for this meeting.

This is a free event. RSVP required for Zoom security.



Presiding: Rachel Vagts, SAA President

1. Call to Order (Rachel Vagts)

2. Notice of Waiving of the Rules (Rachel Vagts)

3. Introduction of the Executive Director (Rachel Vagts, Jacqualine Price Osafo)

4. Report of the Treasurer (Amy Fitch)
Financial Statements FY 21 Prelim Close

5. Report of the Nominating Committee (Helen Kim)

6. Announcements/Appreciation (Rachel Vagts)

7. Incoming President’s Remarks (Courtney Chartier)

8. Adjournment (Rachel Vagts)

Notice of waiving of the Rules of Business Meeting 

 Given the nature of the 2021 virtual conference, the SAA Council has determined that, for the August 3, 2021, meeting only, the Rules of the Business Meeting will be waived. Current limitations in our Zoom platform preclude us from distinguishing between SAA members and nonmembers and connecting those by phone to ensure a proper vote. For this reason it is impractical to conduct a vote on suspending the Rules or any potential new business.

All required reports will be presented at the meeting, but no new business will be considered. Remember that matters of consequence are not voted on at the Annual Membership Meeting, but are either referred to the SAA Council for resolution or are put to an all-member referendum.

If any member would propose new business to be considered by the Council or the membership, please send it to president@archivists.org at any time.

Be assured that, for future conferences, we will explore technologies that will make it possible to conduct our Membership Meetings online AND in compliance with Robert’s Rules of Order.


The SAA Code of Conduct governs expectations of appropriate conduct for this and all SAA events.

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