SAA Council Resolution Honors Gregory S. Hunter

January 5, 2018

WHEREAS Gregory S. Hunter, PhD, CA, CRM, has furthered professional discourse through his editorship of The American Archivist from 2012 to 2017; and

WHEREAS he edited twelve issues of the journal—more than 3,400 pages of content—and contributed introductions to each issue; and

WHEREAS he encouraged and fostered first-time authors, engaging a new generation of writers in archival scholarship; and

WHEREAS his mentorship of new and returning authors expanded on the diversity of perspectives shared; and

WHEREAS he debuted a section, “Archives in Translation,” to feature articles originally published in other languages that would be of interest to English-speaking archivists; and

WHEREAS at SAA Annual Meetings he presented at forums for potential contributors and facilitated thought-provoking lunch discussions on forthcoming articles; and

WHEREAS during his tenure he championed SAA’s implementation of a new online platform and submissions management system;

Therefore Be It Resolved that the Society of American Archivists expresses its sincere thanks to Dr. Hunter for advancing the professional discourse through his six-year editorship of The American Archivist.