Style Sheets for EAD: Delivering Your Finding Aids on the Web

This course has been retired.
Certificate Eligibility: 
10 ARC, 1.5 CEU
2 days
Max Attendees: 
Tools and Services

Get hands-on experience applying EAD to your finding aids and making them Web-ready with XSL stylesheets. Learn how to create your own online documents and understand what's going on "under the hood" with content systems like Archon™ and the Archivists' Toolkit™ and their outputs.

Learning Outcomes: 
Demonstrate a fundamental understanding of XSLT concepts and recognize components of the eXtensible Markup Language (XML) technical standard
Apply the key elements of EAD, encoding a finding aid using XML editing software
Grasp the fundamentals of the eXtensible Stylesheet (XSLT) programming language sufficiently to modify existing stylesheets or create a basic one from scratch to generate a Web-ready EAD document
Who Should Attend: 

Archivists who want hands-on experience with EAD and XSLT to expand their skills or use EAD in their repository, and system administrators and others who must implement new or update existing systems

"Now I've got everything I need to make EAD work!"
"The hands-on was incredibly valuable."
"I was able to understand the concepts in a concrete way and will be able to work with programmers better in the future."
"The instructors were excellent!"
"The great number of online exercises were invaluable."
"It's fantastic to be able to use a computer and the software throughout the workshop. These tools make the workshop lessons learned more realistic and applicable to daily life. Much better than two days of theory without practice."
"Even pace; excellent explanations. The presenters have the ability to make things appear deceptively easy." - Michelle Falke
"Before coming to the workshop, I felt like I didn't have control over how my finding aids displayed. Now I feel empowered to make significant improvements in style and usability."
"I think the workbook is fantastic, comprehensive, and easy to follow—and also makes it easy to see how to apply and change small pieces. It is obvious a lot of thought and effort went into it."
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