Management of Cultural Institutions

Certificate Eligibility: 
5 ARC, 0.75 CEU
1 day
Max Attendees: 

Professionals in cultural organizations need to balance technical skills with skills needed to manage, plan, lead, and finance institutions and employees, interns, and volunteers of institutions. In today’s fast-paced environment, professionals need management skills to create a vision and operational plans; organize teams; communicate with staff, donors, and boards; hire and retain outstanding staff; and manage risk in an era of environmental risk, rising costs, and global terrorism.

Learning Outcomes: 
Gain an overview and understanding of leadership and management
Understand the use and critical importance of communication with employers, advisory boards, staff, interns, and volunteers
Become aware of the critical role that staff play in every organization and of methods to improve hiring, mentoring, coaching, and supervision
Appreciate the value, use, and organization of teams and teaming
Grasp the importance and use of risk management in today’s environment
Who Should Attend: 

This workshop is open to archivists from all types of cultural institutions. It is designed to assist anyone who is responsible for organizing or managing agencies: one person managing a budget, a single volunteer, a mid-level manager, or an individual aspiring to become a manager or supervisor.

Most valuable aspect: “The importance of strategic planning because it is not something usually learned in library school.”
“The broad topics—dealing with different personalities, working with advisory groups, etc.—were particularly useful.”
Most valuable aspect: “Personality typing—now I know what's wrong with my boss and better understand myself.”
Most valuable aspect: “Planning and communication modules—both elements are essential in my current duties.”
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