Designing and Presenting Effective Online Learning

Certificate Eligibility: 
90 minutes

Online learning provides many affordances, including convenient access for participants, reusability of learning assets, and the incorporation of multimedia and tools for engagement. The medium also includes challenges such as participant isolation, lack of engagement with the instructor, and the need for additional planning and support.


Often, instructors new to online learning will try to replicate practices from the face-to-face classroom, which does not take advantage of the affordances nor mitigate the challenges of online learning. Or they will focus on the delivery tools and not the design of the experience.


This session will provide an overview of online learning best practices with a focus on synchronous web conferencing.

Learning Outcomes: 
Utilize specific techniques on how to design and deliver an effective and engaging online courses/webinars/workshops
Approach providing online education with more confidence
Who Should Attend: 

Anyone considering designing and delivering effective online learning

What You Should Already Know: 

No prior experience is necessary.

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