2020 SAA Election Results

The results of SAA's 2020 election are in! The following individuals have been elected to serve:

  • Courtney Chartier (Emory University) has been elected SAA Vice President/President-Elect. She begins her one-year term this August and will become SAA's 76th president in 2021–2022.
  • Stephen R. Curley (National Native American Boarding School Healing Coalition), Derek T. Mosley (Auburn Avenue Research Library on African American Culture and History), and Rachel E. Winston (The University of Texas at Austin) have been elected to the SAA Council for three-year terms beginning this August (2020–2023).
  • The 2021 Nominating Committee will consist of Itza A. Carbajal (The University of Texas at Austin LLILAS Benson), Valencia L. Johnson (Princeton University Library), and Helen Kim (Getty Research Institute). As the individual who received the most votes, Kim will serve as chair of the Committee. In addition, the Nominating Committee includes two third-year Council members who will be selected by the Council at its May 2020 meeting. 

SAA is grateful to all of the individuals who put their names forward for the 2020 ballot as well as to the 2020 Nominating Committee for their service (Lae'l Hughes-Watkins (chair), Daria Labinsky, Joshua Youngblood, and Council members Steven Booth and Brenda Gunn).

And thanks to the many members who voted in this election. We achieved a participation rate of nearly 24 percent!

It's never too early to submit names of prospective candidates for next year's election. Click here.

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SAA expresses gratitude to

SAA expresses gratitude to all individuals who participated in the election, including those who put their names forward and the 2020 Nominating Heardle Committee. The Nominating Committee consisted of Lae'l Hughes-Watkins (chair), Daria Labinsky, Joshua Youngblood, and Council members Steven Booth and Brenda Gunn.

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