Congratulations to SAA’s 2019 Appointees!

After receiving an overwhelming response to this year’s call for volunteers, former SAA Vice President/President-Elect Michelle Light is pleased to announce the following appointments to SAA groups. With assistance from the 2019 Appointments Committee and consultation with appointed group leaders, Light completed the nearly 100 appointments in May. All new terms begin in August at the conclusion of the Joint Annual Meeting in Austin, Texas.

Join us in congratulating these newly appointed SAA leaders! 

American Archivist Editorial Board
Benjamin Goldman
Katharina Hering

Awards Committee
Pam Hackbart-Dean (Co-Chair)

Brenda S. Banks Travel Award
Shanee' Murrain (Chair)
Wesley Chenault
C.F.W. Coker Award

Linda Sellars (Chair)
Marcella Huggard
Distinguished Service Award
Sarah Bost (Chair)
Amanda Vasquez
Diversity Award
Teresa Mora (Chair)
Fatemah Rezaei
Mark A. Greene Emerging Leader Award
Chrystal Carpenter (Chair)
Rachael Dreyer
Josephine Forman Scholarship
Daardi Mixon (Chair)
Krystell Jimenez
F. Gerald Ham and Elsie Ham Scholarship
Sheryl Vogt (Chair)
Mary Jo Pugh
Philip M. Hamer-Elizabeth Hamer Kegan Award
Phillip Stone (Chair)
Elise Reynolds
Oliver Wendell Holmes Award
Laura Sullivan (Chair)
Trista Raezer-Stursa
Archival Innovator Award
Laura Uglean Jackson (Chair)
Deirdre Joyce
J. Franklin Jameson Archival Advocacy Award
Leslie Waggener (Chair)
Virginia Hunt
Sister M. Claude Lane, O.P., Memorial Award
Ingi House (Chair)
Brady Cox
Waldo Gifford Leland Award
Stephanie Bayless (Chair)
Dallas Hanbury
Mosaic Scholarship
Carrie Schwier (Chair)
Theresa Arias
Jimmy Zavala
Theodore Calvin Pease Award
Dr. Blythe Roveland-Brenton
Donald Peterson Student Travel Award
Katie Howell (Chair)
Danielle Sangalang
Harold T. Pinkett Minority Student Award
Barrye Brown (Chair)
B. Lynn Whitfield
Fellows’ Ernst Posner Award
John Fleckner (Chair)
Kris Kiesling
Preservation Publication Award
Karla Irwin (Chair)
Janet Carleton
Spotlight Award
Rachel Grove-Rohrbaugh 

Committee on Education
Julia Corrin (Vice Chair/Chair-Elect)
Gabrielle Dudley*
Hannah Cox
Carli Lowe
John Nemmers
Michelle Sayers
Jill Snyder

Digital Archives Specialist Subcommittee
Alice Prael (Vice Chair/Chair-Elect, 2019)
Angela Fritz (Vice Chair/Chair-Elect, 2019-2020)
Tyler Cline
Sara Davis
Jessi Fishman

Graduate Archival Education Subcommittee
Edward Benoit (Vice Chair/Chair-Elect)
Jessica Newell
Arlene Schmuland
Ashley Todd-Diaz

Committee on Ethics and Professional Conduct
Rosemary Davis (Co-chair)
Mary Larsen

Committee on Public Awareness
Vince Lee (Vice Chair/Chair-Elect)
Katherine Barbera

Committee on Public Policy
Krista Ferrante
Brad Houston

Dictionary Working Group
Geoffrey Huth*
Dawn Schmitz*

Diversity Committee
Kelly Wooten (Vice Chair/Chair-Elect)
Kristen Chinery
Tammi Kim

Finance Committee
Kim Bailey

2020 Host Committee
Hathaway Hester (Chair)
Amanda Axel
Jerice Barrios
Katie Cheever
Drew Davis
Stephanie Giordano
Benn Joseph
Meghan Kennedy
Emily McNish
Derek Potts
Becca Smith

Membership Committee
Jennifer Motszko (Vice Chair/Chair-Elect)
Maggie Hoffman
Natalie Johnson
Lydia Tang

2020 Program Committee 
Jillian Cuellar (Co-chair)
Jennifer Meehan (Co-chair)
Tom Ruller (Co-chair, CoSA)
April Anderson-Zorn
Linda Avetta (CoSA)
Maria Angel Diaz
Cesar Gallegos
Carrie Hintz
Jasmine Jones
Jaimie Quaglino
Allen Ramsey (CoSA)
Cassandra Schmitt
Jessica Tai
Dr. Thuy Vo Dang

Publications Board
Amy Cooper Cary
Dana Lamparello
Monika Lehman

Standards Committee
Lindsay Wittwer (Co-chair)
Wendy Pflug
Emily Toder

Technical Subcommittee on Describing Archives: A Content Standard (TS-DACS)
Susan Luftschein (Co-chair)
Kelli Bogan
Natalie Bond
Regine Heberlein
Adrien Hilton (ex officio)

Technical Subcommittee on Encoded Archival Standards (TS-EAS)
Mark Custer (Co-chair)
Jeremy Floyd
Clinton Johnson
Caitlin Rizzo
Aaron Rubinstein*
Wim van Dongen*


*Denotes a reappointment.