Georgia Threatens Closure of State Archives

September 17—The Georgia Secretary of State has announced that the Georgia Archives will be effectively closed to the public beginning on November 1. Read SAA’s letter of protest to the governor. And see the Friends of Georgia Archives & History website and the National Coalition for History’s tips on taking action for more information.

See the links below for more information about this critical situation – and what you can do to help!

Statement of Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp on closure of the Georgia Archives to the public:

Friends of Georgia Archives & History (FOGAH) website.

National Coalition for History Action Alert, with practical ideas for what you can do to Help Save the Georgia Archives:

Georgians Against Closing State Archives Facebook page: petition:

Society of Georgia Archivists website:

Letters of support from various organizations:

American Alliance of Museums:

American Historical Association:  See also:

American Library Association:

Association of Canadian Archivists:

Association of Centers for the Study of Congress:

Council of State Archivists:

National Coalition for History:

Special Libraries Asssociation

Georgia Archives website: