Update on EAD: Minor Tag Library revision and recordings from webinars in the context of the major revision

The Technical Subcommittee on Encoded Archival Standards (TS-EAS) is happy to share the recordings of two webinars held in March 2022 in the context of the ongoing major revision of EAD (Encoded Archival Description). Furthermore, the EAD team of TS-EAS has finalized a minor revision of the EAD3 Tag Library, which the Standards Committee approved before the summer break.

Minor revision of the EAD3 Tag Library

While the major revision is taking up speed, TS-EAS would like to announce the publication of a minor revision of the EAD3 Tag Library. This picks up on community feedback and corrects typos, mentions of the occurrence and repeatability of elements when being referenced in the description of parent or sibling elements, and encoding examples. Furthermore, this minor release incorporates various improvements with regard to the transformations of the TEI XML into HTML and PDF for publication as well as improvements for formatting. You can find all the latest information on EAD3 via the standard’s homepage at https://loc.gov/ead/.

Major revision of EAD

TS-EAS has held two hybrid meetings of its members alongside and briefly after the SAA Annual Meeting this year, one in Boston and one in The Hague. We would like to thank our hosts, the Harvard Business School and the Nationaal Archief, for this opportunity to meet - at least partly - in person during such an important project as revising EAD. 

The general aspects of this major revision were presented in two webinars back in March this year, which also included an interactive part to learn more about our community’s use of and requirements for EAD. The recordings of these webinars are now available on SAA’s YouTube channel, where you can also find the link to the slide deck:

More webinars will be coming throughout the next year focussing on specific use cases (e.g. the use of EAD by aggregators) and specific parts of the archival description (e.g. subject headings and digital objects). So, stay tuned for more information in the coming months. 

Thanks very much in advance and best wishes, 


Kerstin Arnold (EAD team lead), Karin Bredenberg and Mark Custer (TS-EAS co-chairs)