EAC-CPF, EAD minor revision joint announcement

Dear EAD and EAC-CPF users,

On behalf of SAA’s Technical Subcommittee for Encoded Archival Standards (TS-EAS) we are pleased to announce the minor releases of the EAC-CPF 2.0.1 and the EAD3 1.1.2 Tag Libraries as well as an update to the Schematron files that are available for extended validation of EAC-CPF 2.0 and EAD3 XML files.

What’s new in the EAC-CPF 2.0.1 Tag Library?

This minor revision to the Tag Library covers a typographical error in @targetType (see issue #111) and adaptation of four encoding examples:

  • @vocabularySource (see issue #112)

  • <citedRange> (see issue #108)

  • <term> (see issue #121)

  • Explanation of the value "updated" for @maintenanceEventType (see issue #110

The official EAC-CPF site at Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin (https://eac.staatsbibliothek-berlin.de/) has been updated with the revised Tag Library (HTML and PDF).

What’s new in the EAD3 1.1.2 Tag Library?

This minor revision of the Tag Library takes care of two smaller aspects:

  • Extension of the examples used for @linkrole (see issue #109)

  • Alignment with the schema regarding the values for @parallel (see issue #113)

The official Library of Congress EAD site (http://www.loc.gov/ead/) has been updated with links to the revised Tag Library (available in both HTML and PDF formats).

What is new in the Schematron files?

This update to the Schematron files goes along with TS-EAS’ design principle to annually review the code lists used with Schematron e.g. to validate language, script, or country codes against relevant ISO standards. In this case, an update was required with regard to the IETF language codes and the ISO 15924 script codes.

Finally, special thanks to members of the TS-EAS EAD, EAC-CPF and Schema subteams and everyone else who participated or commented on the issues mentioned.

Best wishes and happy New Year,

Kerstin Arnold

TS-EAS, EAD subteam lead

Marie Elia

TS-EAS, EAC-CPF subteam lead