Technical Subcommittee on Describing Archives: A Content Standard (DACS)

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The Technical Subcommittee for Describing Archives: A Content Standard (TS-DACS) of the SAA Standards Committee is responsible for overseeing the timely and ongoing intellectual and technical maintenance and development of Describing Archives: A Content Standard (DACS). DACS is an output-neutral set of rules for describing archives, personal papers, and manuscript collections, and can be applied to all material types. DACS is compatible with ISAD(G): General International Standard Archival Description, 2nd ed. (International Congress on Archives, 1999). DACS is an SAA-approved standard; documentation on the maintenance of DACS is available through the Society of American Archivists at

TS-DACS maintains a GitHub site to facilitate an open and transparent revision process of DACS and to document a record of all changes made to the standard. The site includes the full text of the standard and a record of all proposed and accepted revisions since March 2016. A dynamic, user-friendly version of this site is available at This site will be updated whenever changes are made to the DACS Github site.

News & Announcements

TS-DACS 2023 Annual meeting, June 26 (via Webex)
SAA Council unanimously approved required elements 8.2 Rights Statement for Archival Description and 13.10 Rights Statement for Archival Authority Records.
TS-DACS asked users to respond to five questions about proposed rights statements and provided space for open comments. One hundred and forty-five people responded to the questionnaire, and an overwhelming majority, 88.3% of respondents, support the adoption of the rights statement elements as required.
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