SNAP Steering Committee Meeting Minutes - 2022/01/07

1. 2022 programming


a. “Demystifying” series


i. Federal employment: Lourdes has been in contact with Government Geeks. We need to arrange a date so that her contact can confirm his availability. 

-Tentatively scheduled for January 24. Lourdes will confirm as soon as possible.


ii. State/municipal employment roundtable: we need someone to take the lead on this program! Let Michelle know if you are interested.

-Lourdes suggests doing a call for presenters via a poll on our blog or social media.


b. “SAA for you” series


i. SAA Career Services Commons: Waiting to hear back from SAA Career Services Commons about potential webinar on their services/resumé advice. Marissa is taking the lead on this program.


ii. SAA 101: Michelle has been in contact with the SAA Membership Committee. They are very interested in students. This program is high-priority and could happen in the next few weeks. We will need someone to take the lead on this!

-John is tentatively taking the lead on this program.


c. “Ask an Archivist” series: 


i. Collaboration with Diverse Sexualities and Gender Section: Marissa is taking the lead on this program. She had a promising first meeting with the section where they discussed introducing the DSGS to SNAP via blog post.


ii. What’s buzzing at the archives?: Michelle would like us to host a program on “agile development” in archives, but she needs someone to take the lead. She can assist with getting it going, but doesn’t have connections with potential speakers.


d. General planning


i. We will need to plan our schedule going forward. Do we want to have a set schedule, or schedule each event individually? Michelle would like to select 1-3 additional topics and set a program schedule for the first quarter of the year. 


ii. Program leads will finalize dates with speakers, and complete the speaker agreement form. Once this is done, they will communicate with the committee as soon as possible so that we can start promotion.


iii. Of course, we still have our brainstorming document. Feel free to add ideas, and be prepared to take the lead!


iv. Lourdes suggests touching base with Eric or Felicia about including a statement to the effect that the views presented are not endorsed by SAA, etc. 

2. Candidate Q+A on SAA blog (see December meeting minutes for more details).

a. Michelle will have a discussion with Eric. If SNAP is the right place, she would like to help but this should not derail any other items. If it moves forward, the timing would be to post to the SNAP blog in February.

3. SAA 101 guide (see December meeting minutes for more details)

a. Michelle is waiting to hear back from different committees to review the SAA 101 Guide. It is mostly ready to be published!

4. Blog team updates


a. Welcome Alexis and Kimberlee!


b. Thank you to Lourdes for the December blog post!

c. For January: junior blog editors will post introductory posts, and create a new call for posts.


d. Michelle would like all committee members to write biographies to be posted along with new members’. See agenda for link to document.

e. Michelle started drafting a blog post about the Omicron surge and lessons learned. Feel free to add to it! See agenda for link to document.

5. Social media team updates

 a. Welcome Nicole!

6. Student Chapter Coordinators updates


 a. Welcome Karlie!


 b. Improving communication between SNAP and the student chapters is a major priority going forward. The method we’ve relied on thus far isn’t working.

7. Confirmation of next meeting date

 a. Thursday, February 3, 7pm Eastern; 6pm Central; 5pm Mountain; 4pm Pacific.

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