SNAP Steering Committee Meeting Minutes - 2021/11/11


SNAP Steering Committee 2021-2022

Meeting #3: 11 November 2021

Time: 7pm Eastern; 6pm Central; 5pm Mountain; 4pm Pacific

Attendance via Zoom: Michelle Novak (chair), Marissa Friedman (vice-chair), River Freemont (secretary), John Esh (steering committee), Lourdes Johnson (steering committee), Leah Tams


1. Chair announcements: Elections!

 a. Priority: getting open positions announced. Michelle needs to get those positions that we’d like to include in the election to SAA this week. There is a sheet for checking-in concerning your current position here.

i. Open positions listed currently are Social Media Coordinator(s), Junior Blog Editor (Leah is Senior Editor now!), and Student Chapter Coordinator(s).

ii. Can add more open positions if needed or if we receive candidates that we wish to accommodate.

iii. John volunteered to step into the Web Liaison position.


2. Vice-chair announcements: AWE opportunity

 a. SNAP might want to connect with the Archival Workers Emergency Fund, who are doing archivist mutual aid work. They are always looking for help (i.e., planning for the future, deciding what they want to be for archivists in need such as programming, etc.). Marissa feels their work is relevant to our community (labor issues and job precarity are big for students and new professionals).

i. Michelle suggested a meet-n-greet. Marissa will set it up. This will be an opportunity to discuss relationship building and collaboration.


3. Blog team update

 a. Lots of new activity: THREE posts published in October! Two of which came from the SNAP-wide call for posts.

b. November call went out, so far no responses. Ideas for topics: Native Heritage Month / Entrepreneur Month / Trans Day of Remembrance. Cross-posted in SAA Diverse Sexuality and Gender Section.

i. Always looking/open to suggestions for coming months’ themes, and potential authors!

ii. Shared links for each in Archivists’ Think Tank FB group. Leah might consider putting CFPs here in the future as well, since they have a wide audience.

c. Updating blog server: Michelle didn’t get a clear answer about how billing would work. Will check back.

d. Coordinating with the social media liaison is a priority going forward.

i. Leah will look for Twitter login info so she can post about new blog activity.


4. Social media update

            a. Currently working on getting Michelle proper access to the FB page.

b. Will need to think about upcoming elections since Louise is shifting off and Rachel’s status for next election is currently unknown — will update.

c. October “horror” chat went well.


5. Student Chapters update

 a. Lourdes thinks one or two more people in the coordinator position would be helpful.

b. Michelle floated idea of offering Student Chapters the opportunity to promote their work and have a program boosted to the “main stage” of SAA SNAP. 

i. Waiting for faculty administrator at Rutgers to approve SNAP promoting the student chapters’ program Nov 30th. Short notice call for help getting the word out if it is approved. First one is always the hardest! Need to find out how booking longer events in SAA’s zoom account works, where recording goes (SAA doesn’t know!). We can be open to using other platforms besides Zoom as well.

ii. Also, we don’t have to wait for Rutgers! Can offer to other chapters, get the program going.

iii. Program planning worksheet: can add info and brainstorm. This will be a working document, don’t feel pressured to have a complete plan. Find it here.

iv. Lourdes suggests a Google Form CFP.

d. Another idea: Give every chapter a page on the blog. Would need to gather information about each chapter. This could be Incentive to be involved with SNAP, and encourage engagement through friendly competition between student chapters (see what other chapters are doing).

e. Developing a contact list has improved communication with student chapters. Facilitates checking in a few times a year.

f. Lourdes appreciates feedback and comments! 


6. Web Liaison update

 a. John will be working in this capacity now.

b. Liz drafted an introductory text for the microsite, John will review and post. Michelle would like there to be a detailed “how to get involved” section, which hasn’t always been clear.

i. Michelle will get John the microsite password.

ii. Reminder to check with Eric before posting, in addition to any other big changes going forward.

c. John will also start looking into Twitter archiving/Wakelet.


7. Confirmation of next meeting

a. Thursday, December 2, 7pm Eastern; 6pm Central; 5pm Mountain; 4pm Pacific

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