SNAP Steering Committee Meeting Minutes - 2022/03/03

SNAP Steering Committee 2021–2022

Meeting #7: 3 March 2022

Time: 7pm Eastern; 6pm Central; 5pm Mountain; 4pm Pacific


Attendance via Zoom: Michelle Novak (chair), Marissa Friedman (co-chair), River Freemont (secretary), John Esh (steering committee; web liaison), Lourdes Johnson (steering committee), Leah Tams (senior blog editor), Alexis Bracey (junior blog editor), Nicole Font (social media), Karlie Herndon (student chapter coordinator)


1. Social Media


a. Finalized new social media banner!


b. Michelle made a account so that we can monitor the traffic on our various links.


2. Blog Team


a. Black history month posts, promoted and got some traction!


b. CFP for March just went up a few days ago

i. Nicole had the idea to put the CFP up on the blog, which is easier to promote on social media. 


c. Spreadsheet update: the blog team did some clarification with Michelle, and will meet offline to go over in the project more detail.


d. Still no update from blog tech discussions, this will be a long(er) term goal.


3. Programming Updates


a. SAA Candidate Forum (blog post): the post will go up this weekend, March 5.


b. SAA Resume Review/Career Services Commons (webinar + blog post): the promotional materials are ready to go for blog/social! 

i. Save the date: March 31 at 1pm Pacific/4pm Eastern


c. An Intro to ArchivesSpace (webinar): details are still being finalized, but planning on the afternoon of April 6.

i. Lourdes will finalize the date and time with the speaker. Lourdes and Michelle will get the speaker agreement and publication materials finalized, and the Zoom meeting set up.


d. Your Questions about DAS, answered (webinar): this is still in the early stages of planning. Aiming for March 23.

i. Karlie will help Lourdes with planning this event.


e. SAA 101 (blog post): the guide is being revised, and will need to be approved by SAA before posting.


f. Several blog posts are still in the early stages.

i. “Boston in Five Archival Objects”

ii. How to Make the Most of Your Student Conference Experience: first draft is done, but Michelle would like additional input from the group. Looking for advice about affordability, navigating the experience, etc. 

iii. River is going to research conference scholarships for a blog post.


4. Student Chapters


a. Waiting for a meeting with SAA to discuss the future of this program. 


5. Next Meeting: Thursday, April 7, 7pm Eastern; 6pm Central; 5pm Mountain; 4pm Pacific

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