SNAP Steering Committee Meeting Minutes - 2022/02/10

SNAP Steering Committee 2021-2022


Meeting #6: 10 February 2022


Time: 7pm Eastern; 6pm Central; 5pm Mountain; 4pm Pacific


Attendance via Zoom: Michelle Novak (chair), Marissa Friedman (co-chair), River Freemont (secretary), Lourdes Johnson (steering committee), Leah Tams (senior blog editor), Alexis Bracey (junior blog editor), Nicole Font (social media), Karlie Herndon (student chapter coordinator)


1. 2022 programming + blog posts


a. Government Geeks recap: We can document how program planning is organized and what we’ve learned, so that in the future others will not have to repeat the work. Lourdes and Michelle created a survey and a blog post after the webinar. The goal of the survey is to examine the discrepancy between number of registrants and the number of attendees, as well as to get answers about future programming (i.e., time slots, topics). It is important to note that with the SAA Zoom account, we need to manually change the settings to mute all attendees. In the future, when webinars will last longer than an hour, we should make note in event promotion materials.  


b. Candidate forum blog post: Kimberlee made a document for brainstorming questions for the candidate forum. The context is that this year we have a lot of candidates, and many of them are running for a second term. SAA would therefore like us to come up with different questions than we’ve used for similar forums in recent years. We’re aiming for about three questions, since we have more candidates to address. Kimberlee is asking for contributions on this! We need to get the questions to SAA as soon as possible.

c. Resume review/SAA career services blog post/webinar: Marissa reached out to her contact with SAA career services, and they are not able to commit to any collaboration with SNAP in the near future. J. Motszko will likely not be available until the end of the next month at the earliest, but still wants to work with us on something. We should consider other sources of information, such as the career services web page.


d. Michelle has a lot of webinar and blog ideas, and needs folks to help implement them!


e. Michelle would still like us to focus on some technical topics for blog posts (or webinars!), such as ArchivesSpace.

i. Lourdes knows some folks who could potentially contribute content on Archipelago, Archivematica. She will reach out.
ii. Leah knows someone who could possibly contribute a blog post on ArcLight, and she will reach out.


f. Update on speaker forms: SAA has official forms that they would like us to use. The one we created will now be repurposed to gather useful information for promotion.


g. Michelle has created a to-do list for the blog team, but others are more than welcome to contribute. 


2. Student chapters

a. There has been little response after outreach to many student chapters. Many appear inactive. Michelle would like to discuss this with SAA. What is the point of having student chapters?


3. Update on Michelle’s meetings with SAA concerning the SNAP blog 


a. Michelle met with Eric and Matt several times. In short, they are hesitant about the idea of SNAP paying for our blog hosting. They are also concerned about what kind of precedent they want to set for all sections’ blogs. Discretionary funds no longer exist due to pandemic cutbacks, so we have no money set aside to spend on hosting. We would have to ask SAA for the funds in March. She has also discussed several options for addressing our needs with them. This will be an ongoing conversation.


4. Next meeting: Thursday, March 3, 2022, 7pm Eastern; 6pm Central; 5pm Mountain; 4pm Pacific

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