SNAP Steering Committee Meeting Minutes - 2021/06/16

SNAP Steering Committee 2020-2021
Meeting #9: Monday, June 16
Time: 11:00 AM PT / 1:00 PM CT / 2:00 PM ET / 7:00 PM GMT

NEW - Events throughout the month of July can be found at SAA’s new web calendar: Upcoming Events - SAA Connect (

Attendance via Discord: Brenna E. (chair), Carady (secretary), Carrie M., Cristy, Liz H., Louise L., Lourdes J.
Guest: Eric Chin, our Council Liaison
  1. Council Liaison Visit: 
    1. Eric Chin joined for a brief check in; lauds SNAP as “one of the most active sections,” and celebrates our activities supporting “vibrant” and “active” programming. Eric also introduced SAA’s new Executive Director, Jackie Price Osafo, relating that she strongly believes new members are foundational to professional organizations. We will hear from them both briefly at the start of our open Business Meeting on Tues., Jul 20 (more details below). Jackie will assume the role of Executive Director on July 15. 
    2. Eric also notes that the recent Council Resolution regarding Salary Transparency applies to the main SAA job board; Sections are still encouraged to share opportunities with or without salary info within their groups. 
  2. Annual Meeting: 
    1. SNAP Annual Business Meeting on Tues., Jul 20, 3 pm (c). Please RSVP for Zoom link. Invite graphic available for promotion far and wide. Brenna is coordinating with SAA admin for login and tech management. 
      1. Meeting Agenda (draft):
        • 5 minute intro
        • Council Update & Hello from Jackie
        • Review of the year’s events
        • Election Results*
        • Lightning talks
        • Questions

      This program accounts for roughly 80 minutes of our 90 minute block, depending on questions and commentary after the lightning talks.

  3. Elections: 
    1. Open Monday Jun. 28. Ballot drafts to be approved soon for review. Admin will be routing info through the SAA website, but final distribution will still occur through SurveyMonkey. The ballot closes Jul 14, and it will take an additional couple days before results are finalized and posted. If results are released in time, we will announce them at the annual meeting - fingers crossed, and best of luck to the nominees! We had nominations for all open positions.
  4. Starting a New Position During a Pandemic: 
    1. This panel, growing out of Helena’s proposal, will air Jun 24, 2021 11:00 AM (c), as a hybrid live and pre-recorded video. Please RSVP for the Zoom link, and feel free to forward the invite any of your fellow archivists, from local to regional level. There is also a graphic invite for this event. 
  5. Looking Ahead: 
    1. Alison Clemens requests SNAP input on a draft from the Term Labor Best Practices Working Group. Many in attendance expressed interest in supporting this project. We are honored for our perspectives as Students and New Professionals to be considered in this project, and appreciate the efforts of this working group. We eagerly await the review period! - the draft should be available in late June or early July. Suggested reference material: OCLC’s “Total Cost of Stewardship.”
  6. Au Revoir, Current Board:  
    1. Those departing the SNAP Committee board will roll off officially on Aug. 6, but most elected staff will continue to receive messages from the email list through mid-August. Congrats on a successful committee year, and much thanks to all, from all!
  7. Blog Team: 
    1. Marissa is waiting for an interview with a member of the SAA committee to be formally released, and will crosspost when it is available. Keep an eye on your inbox for the link. 
    2. Leah recently completed a post on the new Career Commons mentorship programs. 
  8. Social Media Update: 
    1. Louise plans to ramp up promotion when final event updates are settled. 
    2. Rachael is hosting the next #snaprt chat on “Activist Archivists” on the 24th of June @ 8pm (e) to discuss the 'neutrality' of archives and activist archivists. See the brainstorming doc for more. 
  9. Website Update:  
    1. Congrats to Liz on her new position! 
    2. She also reports that the SAA 101 guide has been forwarded to Felicia to pass up the chain. 
    3. Our Twitter archive is also live, although currently filed under Web tasks and not as Social Media. 
  10. Closing out the Year: 
    1. Since our annual business meeting is in July, our June meeting was the last actual Steering Committee meeting. 
    2. Brenna will prepare the Annual Report through August, while Michelle Novak will begin her role as Chair starting in August. Much thanks to all for a great year!
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