SNAP Steering Committee Meeting Minutes - 2020/09/16

SNAP Steering Committee 2020-2021
Meeting #1: Wednesday, September 16, 2020
Time: 6 PM PT / 8 PM CT/ 9 PM ET

Chair: Brenna Edwards
Secretary: C. DeSimone
Attending: Carrie, Elizabeth, Helena, Joe, Katie, Laura, Liz, Louise, Lourdes, Renae, Stephanie

  1. Welcome and intros!
    1. Ex Officio positions: following staff may roll off at Calendar year (January)
      1. Laura Bell
      2. Joe Schill
      3. Elizabeth James
      4. Katie Little
      5. Stephanie Crawford
      6. Louise LoBello
      7. Liz Holdzkom
      8. Lourdes Johnson
      9. Hope Ketcham Geeting
  2. Vice Chair/Chair-Elect (Michelle Novak)
    1. No updates.
  3. Blog Team (Laura Bell, Joe Schill, Elizabeth James, Kaitlyn Lichtle)
    1. Continuing blog posts from SAA Annual meeting volunteers
    2. Review past posts and start new ideas
      1. All committee [section?] members welcome to contribute
      2. Process: submit to blog team, review, edits.
      3. “Light and fun” posts appreciated - keep it positive!
    3. Meet the Leadership posts
  4. Social Media Team (Stephanie Crawford, Louise LoBello)
    1. Hosting Twitter chats 1-2x monthly
      1. #snaprt next Wednesday, September 23 on Salary Negotiation
    2. Student transitions [??]
  5. Student Chapter Coordinator (Lourdes Johnson, Hope Ketcham Geeting)
    1. Hope working with NC Central University students on starting up their chapter
    2. Note: SNAP listserv does NOT require SAA membership
  6. Web Liaison (Liz Holdzkom)
    1. Working on online “orientation”/welcome to SAA
  7. Goals/Ideas for upcoming year:
    1. Student focus: remote learning outreach and support
    2. Increase involvement from/outreach to current students
    3. Mentorship: connect with resources, consider recruitment.
    4. Lightning Round Panel/talk for cancelled conferences
      1. 2 minute thesis pitch, versus how it fits with current work
    5. Resume and Paper workshops
      1. Careful not to duplicate efforts of Mentorship section and/or Manuscript Repositories groups
      2. Contacts from these groups?
    6. Connect with SAA Education to ‘direct’ workshop offerings
    7. Annual Meeting beginning thoughts?
      1. Call goes out around February
    8. ACA Exam - chat/twitter/study groups
      1. Who is SAA/ACA Liaison?
    9. Consider local/regional archives groups -
      1. Investigate:
        1. SNAP sections within?
        2. Archives adjacent SNAPers? [related disciplines, e.g. AAM, AIC, ALA etc.]
Referenced Group Meeting: