SNAP Steering Committee Meeting Minutes - 2019/11/18

SNAP Steering Committee 2019-2020
Meeting #3: Monday, 11/18/2019
Time: 5 PM PT / 7 PM CT/ 8 PM ET
  1. Chair
    1. Ex officio nominations
      1. So far we have nominations for junior blog editor and web liaison; none for social media or student chapter coordinator
      2. Will extend deadline (Next Sunday, November 24th 2019)
      3. Special election after the holidays, if student chapter coordinator still open (or other major position) 
    2. Statement on Boles article
      1. On my list; still need to reach out to Emily
      2. Anyone else interested in contributing to draft phase?
      3. Will be shared with the committee for comments once the draft is complete.
    3. Annual Meeting
      1. Just reached out to other section leaders; hopefully will know by next SNAP meeting if anyone wants to co-organize (panel? Maybe on salary negotiation?)
  2. Vice Chair/Chair-Elect: SKIPPED
  3. Blog Team
    1. Sign-up sheet ready
    2. New blog post:
  4. Social Media
    1. Laura Bell question: how can or should we better connect with social media to promote blog posts?
    2. Tiffany Cole: more than happy to post about a blog, just shoot her an email.
    3. Three new chats for 2019/very beginning of 2020: being an activist archivist/ethical archives and ethical archivists/job hunting
  5. Student Chapter Coordinator: vacant
  6. Web Liaison
    1. SAA 101: Request for feedback from the committee; think of something that you didn't know before joining SAA that you wish you knew. Send by Monday, November 25.
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