SNAP Steering Committee Meeting Minutes - 2019/10/28

SNAP Steering Committee 2019-2020

Meeting #2: Monday, October 28, 2019

 Time: 6 PM PT / 8 PM CT/ 9 PM ET


  1. Chair
    1. Ex officio elections:
      1. Positions:
        1. Web liaison: need one.
        2. Junior blog editor(s): need 1-2. We are planning to do away with the “New Professionals” and “Student” titles.
        3. Student chapter coordinator: tricky position because current coordinator had to step away and student outreach has been challenging (we need to improve student outreach). 
        4. Social media coordinator(s): need 1-2.
      2. Please try to convince people to nominate themselves! We can also appoint additional ex officio positions as needed.
      3. We need to step in as a committee as a whole to help contribute since social media and the blog do the heavy lifting.
    2. Update on ad hoc student membership “drive”: Told them to reach out to student chapters, some students took them up on it. The memberships are set!
    3. SNAP statement on Boles article: AA going to print Jan. 2020. We are ok to independently put out a statement on the Boles article. We will give our Council reps the opportunity to look at the statement before we put it out. Emily will help Gayle in drafting the statement
    4. Monthly email roundup update-the return of “controlaccess”: . We used to do a monthly roundup. Gayle is planning to use this as a model, tweek the format, and still call it “Control Access”. If you see links and stuff, please share and drop them in Discord for inclusion
    5. Annual Meeting
      1. Have reached out to other sections (WAR, Archives & Archivists of Color, Diverse Gender & Sexuality Section) who said they would discuss it at October meeting 
      2. There are other sections we could reach out to if these don’t work out.
      3. Next steps (whether conducting meeting jointly or alone)?Update at next meeting in November.
      4. Still looking into materials for doing Salary Negotiation at the Annual Meeting. We do have some funding, but requesting additional funding from Council would be a “process”. 
  2. Vice Chair/Chair-Elect: No updates
  3. Blog Team
    1. Upcoming steering committee participation? Want to revisit some of the methods/topics we had e-mail conversations about; format (round table: discussion via text chats on Discord and post discussion on a particular topic). Joe and Laura are looking for volunteers/ideas for potential blog posts. All of us are encouraged to write a blog/share a topic on a post you are interested in writing on. Joe and Laura put together a sign-up sheet for the roundtable discussions as an easy way to track folks.
    2. Want some geographic diversity- if you know some non-Mid-Atlantic people, please recruit!
  4. Social Media
    1. Upcoming chats:
      1. Wednesday 10/30. 8pm. Archives Horror Stories
      2. November (tentative): Exploring salary negotiations (2nd week in November); Ethical Collecting
      3. December (tentative): Job Hunting; Being an activist archivist
    2. Feel free to volunteer hosting twitter chats in 2020!
  5. Student Chapter Coordinator (vacant)
  6. Web Liaison: SAA 101 resource draft is almost done. Link will be sent to steering committee for review this week. 
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