SNAP Steering Committee Meeting Minutes - 2019/07/23


SNAP Steering Committee 2018-2019

Meeting 9: Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Time: 6 PM PT / 8 PM CT/ 9 PM ET
Attending: Elena Colon-Marrero, Gayle Schechter, Laura Bell, Ève Bourbeau-Allard, Tiffany Cole, Virginia Seymour,  Molly Brown, Maggie Hoffman, Kara Flynn
Absent: Brenna Edwards, Joe Schill, Stephanie Crawford, Isaac Fellman



  1. Human Rights Archives Section Partnership: Nothing new
  2. Austin Meeting
    1. We will be doing a group dinner on Friday, August 2 at 6pm. 
    2. Button Team
      • “Pay Your Interns” button
      • Elena will do another button and design it
      • Emergency Supplies
      • See group emails for items
      • Will distribute buttons at the group dinner
      • Elena will have buttons for everyone
    3. Meeting description updated to clarify it’s going to happen, not doing the second panel 
    4. Keep sharing the Lunch Buddy and Ride-share spreadsheet! 
  3. SNAP elections for Vice Chair/Chair-Elect, Secretary, and 3 At-Large positions
    1. Election results are in! Please keep results to yourselves. I have yet to notify everyone and we will make an announcement at the meeting in Austin
  4. Transitions
    1. This is our last meeting on Discord, our last meeting will be in person at SAA.
    2. Chair, Secretary, and Members-At-Large: terms are over after SAA
    3. Vice-Chair: Gail will transition to Chair following SAA
      • There will be a one on one transition meeting in Austin. 
      • Elena will finish a final section report and send Felicia an up to date roster at the end of SAA. Otherwise Gayle is in charge!
    4. Ex-Officio: there is no official rules in our standing committees for this and the past year or two of this has not been consistent with the years prior. No one has to stay on past SAA if you do not want to. Vice Chair (Gayle) will check in with you all one on one to confirm whether you are staying or going.
      • When they were first conceived there was a longer transition period, it is preferred that all ex-officios stay on until a new transition can be made later in the year. However, if you need to step out and are quite busy after SAA, email Gayle to let her know you would like to step down.
    5. Blog Coordinator and Senior Social Media Coordinator: typically has ended with the end of SAA
    6. Junior Social Media Coordinator: transitions to Senior role post SAA
    7. Student Chapter Coordinator and Web Liaison: asked to stay on until a new person fills to role to help with transitions, but this is not required. You also don’t have to step down either if you don’t want to. 
    8. New Professionals Blog Editor and Student Blog Editor
      • These transitions have been complicated. ( should probably be figured out and added to bylaws?)
      • When the roles were first conceived it was hoped that one of two positions would move on to blog coordinator.
      • When they were added, someone decided they were done, and there was never an issue when two people wanted to be blog coordinator, however a co-blog coordinator role is possible to in state if two want to stay on
      • Isaac stepped in as a de facto blog coordinator, and will be stepping down. 
      • Both positions were designed to have the option to moving onto Blog Coordinator to keep continuity going.
      • Two options that have happened in the past:
      • If both want to stay on: New Professionals transitions to Blog Coordinator and Student Blog Editor transitions to New Professionals editions
      • If only one wants to stay on then they transition to Blog Coordinator.
      • Laura, Joe, and Gayle may check in about this later. 
    9. Ex-officio’s contact gayle to let her know what to choose to do.
    10. Unlike ex-officio’s the official end of the conference is the official end of everyone’s term.

Vice Chair

  • Gayle offered big thanks to everyone and extra shout out social media and blog team who did a lot of excellent work this year and also a big thank you to Elena
  • Excited to convene together at SAA

Blog Team

  • Just posted a day-in-the-life blog
  • Sign up for day-in-the-life blog

Social Media 

Tomorrow night we have a SNAP Chat at 8:00 about the annual meeting in Austin but also generally about conferencing. 

Student Chapter Coordinator

  • No updates

Web Liaison

  • No updates
  • Ève posted the annual meeting-related sign-ups on the microsite in case it gets any traffic

Additional updates?

None, except for many thank yous and looking forward to gathering at SAA


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